WOW! Walking Dead Season Finale Hits 15.7 million Viewers

WOW! The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale Hit 15.7 Million Viewers!

The Walking Dead Season 4 finale hits 15.7 million viwers
The Season 4 finale of The Walking Dead hit 15.7 million viwers

WOW! The Walking Dead doesn’t seem even close to dying in it’s fourth season. Sunday’s Season 4 finale averaged 15.7 MILLION viewers. For comparison, last week’s highest rated show, NCIS, averaged 17.1 million viewers. This will easily put The Walking Dead in the top 3 most watched show of this week, if not at #1 as the most watched show.

This is absolutely astounding. The show is on cable on AMC and cable doesn’t typically get huge numbers like that. In fact, the next highest rated cable show last week was the companion series The Talking Dead which hit 5.2 million viewers.   Secondly, The Walking Dead is geared for adult’s only. This isn’t a family friendly show like American Idol. It’s adult content, period.

Even more astonishing, this actually wasn’t the most watched The Walking Dead. That record goes to the Season Premiere of Season 4 back in October with a bit over 16 million viewers. Sunday’s season closer was just 400,000 viewers shy of hitting that record.

Did YOU watch The Walking Dead Season 4 finale? Are the ratings well deserved? Tell us in the comments.

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