WOW! The X-Files Brings Fox Huge Ratings!

WOW! The X-Files Brings Huge Ratings for Fox!

The X-Files brings in huge ratings for Fox in it's 2016 return
The X-Files brings in huge ratings for Fox in it’s 2016 return

WOW! The X-Files is back in a very very big way. The final numbers are in for the first two episodes of the limited event return of everyone’s favorite FBI Special Agents and Fox has got to be extremely happy with the ratings.

In Nielsen’s “Live Plus 3” ratings, The X-Files 2016 premiere hit 21.4 million viewers. Over 16 million viewers watched My Struggle (Read our review of The X-Files 2016) – the first new episode after a 14 year TV absence. 4.1 million of those viewers came from Video On Demand watching within the first 3 days of the original airing, 2 million came from watching via DVR and over 1 million came from streaming via FoxNow and Hulu.

To give some additional context, Season 5 of The X-Files debuted in 1997-1998 season, was it’s highest rated season average and it averaged 19.8 million viewers. The series finale drew 13.2 million viewers in 2002. The most watched episode of all time was the post Super Bowl episode, Leonard Betts, which hit 29.1 million viewers in January of 1997.

Hit the jump to see where The X-Files placed for the week’s Top 10 most watched TV programs.

WOW! The X-Files Brings Huge Ratings for Fox! (cntd)

If you thought that maybe those huge ratings were a fluke, man (did you get it?), then you are dead wrong. Scully and Mulder settled into their regular time slot the next night and 9.7 million viewers tuned in live to watch The X-Files reopen. More impressively, The X-Files was the highest rated programming of the night, crushing the next most viewed – Supergirl.

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Check out the Top TV Programming for January 18-24, 2016 to see where The X-Files debuted!

(Live plus-3 for Jan. 18-24, 2016)
1.  The X-Files (Fox), 7.8
2.  NCIS (CBS), 3.1
3.  Criminal Minds (CBS), 3.0
4.  American Idol-Wednesday (Fox), 2.9
5.  Scorpion (CBS), 2.8
5.  American Idol-Thursday (Fox), 2.8
5.  The Blacklist (NBC), 2.8
8.  The Bachelor (ABC), 2.7
8.  Chicago Fire (NBC), 2.7
10.  Black-ish (ABC), 2.6

(Live plus-3 for Jan. 18-24, 2016)
1.  NCIS (CBS), 20.48
2.  The X-Files (Fox), 20.29
3.  NCIS: New Orleans (CBS), 15.63
4.  Blue Bloods (CBS), 15.23
5.  Scorpion (CBS), 14.47
6.  NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS), 13.75
7.  Hawaii Five-0 (CBS), 12.59
8.  Criminal Minds (CBS), 12.12
9.  The Big Bang Theory-r (CBS), 11.85
10.  The Blacklist (NBC), 11.51
Source: Nielsen

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