What Is Ultraviolet?

As you may know, The Whore is a huge movie buff. With over 2,500 DVD’s and closing on 500 Blu-Rays, not including digital copies, I’ve built quite a collection. Regular Pop Culture Whore readers tell me all the time about their collections (maybe some day I’ll highlight some of the really amazing ones).  So I know this will be of interest to many of you. In any event, you may have heard some rumblings about Ultraviolet. If you haven’t, you will be hearing about it very soon.

Ultraviolet is a system in which you will have access to a movie you’ve purchased, virtually anywhere you have internet access. Lets use an example. Say you’re buying The Social Network on Blu-Ray. You will have your physical Blu-Ray copy of the movie to watch on your player. But with Ultraviolet, you will get a “copy” to keep in a cloud locker. Then, whether you want to watch The Social Network on your iPad or your phone, you just point your devices browser to your cloud locker & watch your movie.

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So you get your Blu-Ray and you get an Ultraviolet numerical code. You jump over to the Ultraviolet website where you have your very own cloud locker (meaning your content can be pulled down from anywhere you are from “the cloud”). You’d type in the numerical code for The Social Network and the movie now appears in your cloud locker. Well crap, now you’re stuck in the airport with a delayed flight. Just log in to your cloud locker from your iPad and watch The Social Network. Or you’re at a friends house and left The Social Network at home. Your friends internet connected Blu-Ray player can access your cloud locker too!

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In theory, this could be revolutionary. All of the majors are on board, except for Disney and Apple, who have developed their own cloud locker solution called Keychest. It now seems that Disney and Apple have abandoned Keychest, but haven’t publicly stated if they’d be joining Ultraviolet or not. Rumors suggest that it could have something to do with an iTunes “in the cloud” strategy which would be AWESOME!!

So what do you think? Have the studios finally come to their senses in allowing you access to your movies and TV shows wherever you are? Do you think you would use this? Do you want this? Thoughts?

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