WATCH: Ryan Phillippe’s Catch Hell trailer

WATCH: Ryan Phillippe’s Catch Hell trailer

Watch the trailer for Catch Hell, written, directed and starring Ryan Phillippe
WATCH: Catch Hell trailer starring Ryan Phillippe

The first trailer for Catch Hell has been released and it looks amazing. Written by, directed by and starring Ryan Phillippe, Catch Hell finds a washed up, young Hollywood actor named Reagon Pearce kidnapped and tortured while his attackers blackmail him and threaten to release compromising material.

The trailer promises an authentic thriller filled with suspense. While it doesn’t look like it’s rated yet, the film looks like it will be an R which would be a JOY! Too many thrillers and suspense movies with great premises end up being white washed into inoffensive crap. Catch Hell seems to not care at all about scoring a PG-13 rating and it looks all the better for it!

Catch Hell starring Ryan Phillippe hits theaters October 10, 2014.

Watch the trailer for Catch Hell

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