Watch Betty White Show The World How To Dab!

Watch Betty White Show the World How To Dab!

Watch tv legend Betty White Dab on em!
Watch tv legend Betty White Dab on em!

American icon Betty White shows them how to really dab.

American icon, tv and movie legend, animal lover and all around badass Betty White basically broke the internet today and was the winner of Super Bowl 50 before the game had even begun. In a Ron Howard directed spot opening the big game, celebrities gave their favorite football memory.

Never one to be tame, Ms Betty White did the dab showing the world how it’s really done. She then then tweeted that she showed Cameron Newton everything he knows. The NFL player is arguably responsible for making the dance move popular. Ms. White however, just took it worldwide.

— Betty White (@BettyMWhite) February 7, 2016

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