Top Box Office For Nov 5- Nov 7 2010

Megamind opened strong this weekend with $47.6 million, falling in line with industry expectations. The Will Ferrell / Brad Pitt / Tina Fey voiced film was the widest 3D release in history, accounting for 66% of its gross. Due Date opened with $33.5 million to become the biggest R rated  comedy opening in November, beating out Borat. For Colored Girls opened strong for a film of its type, but on the lower end of Tyler Perry’s typical openings – possibly in part due to the fact that the film doesn’t bare his name. It is also the first time Perry hasn’t done an original work. In total the top 3 of the box office fueled the highest grossing movie holiday season in history, up 30% over last year. Red is still holding strong, only losing 17.4%, showing there is still an audience for smart, adult films. Saw 3D took a 63.6% nosedive from it’s opening last week, in line with the rest of the series and the horror genre in general. With a budget of $20 million and a gross of $38 million in 2 weekends, this continues the highly profitable franchise. Paranormal Activity 2 lost 55.8% of its audience in its 3rd week, giving it a $77 million total so far.

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Top US Box Office Fri Nov 5 – Sun Nov 7 2010

2NDue DateWB$33,500,0003,355$9,985$33,500,000$651
3NFor Colored GirlsLGF$20,100,0002,127$9,450$20,100,000$211
51Saw 3DLGF$8,200,000-63.6%2,808$2,920$38,801,000$202
62Paranormal Activity 2Par.$7,298,000-55.8%3,168-71$2,304$77,224,000$33
74Jackass 3-DPar.$5,097,000-40.1%2,165-974$2,354$110,814,000$204
107The Social NetworkSony$3,600,000-20.3%1,860-907$1,935$85,047,000$506


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