The Scoop on the Batman prequel show, Gotham

The Scoop on Fox’s Gotham Batman prequel

Details on Fox's Gotham Batman Prequel
Details on Fox’s Gotham Batman prequel

As you may have been able to tell, The Whore is really excited about Gotham, Fox’s upcoming Batman prequel TV show. Screen Rant has the details on what we can expect from Gotham.

The show will focus on Jim Gordon and his partner Harvey Bullock who will be investigating the murder of the parents of 12 year old multi-millionaire Bruce Wayne. The series explores the young Bruce Wayne as well as his relationship with burglar Selina Kyle (who we know becomes Catwoman)  delve into the origin stories of our most beloved Batman characters, including Catwoman, The Penguin, The Riddler, Two-Face and The Joker. The main villain will be newcomer Fish Mooney, a night club owning gangster, as well as Oswald Cobblepot (who becomes The Penguin).

Fox states “Although the crime drama will follow Gordon’s turbulent and singular rise through the Gotham City police department, led by Police Captain Sarah Essen, it also will focus on the unlikely friendship Gordon forms with the young heir to the Wayne fortune, who is being raised by his unflappable butler, Alfred. It is a friendship that will last them all of their lives, playing a crucial role in helping the young boy eventually become the crusader he’s destined to be“.


Gotham will begin airing this Fall on Fox.

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