The Muppets Cancelled by ABC


The Muppets cancelled on ABC
ABC says it’s time to kill the lights as The Muppets cancelled. 

Noooooooooo! The Muppets cancelled by ABC! It’s true and it’s so sad. We raved about ABC’s The Muppets all the way back when The Muppets First Look presentation debuted nearly a year ago. The show debuted to strong ratings and good reviews but quickly lost it’s audience as turmoil behind the scenes caused the quality to go down. Was it still a good show? Absolutely. But by the time ABC brought new show runners it had already lost the majority of it’s audience.

The Muppets Started Out For Adults

Some, including some critics, were claiming The Muppets themselves lost their family friendly vibe. Apparently, they forgot that The Muppets were started in the 70’s aimed solely at adults with their first special called “The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence“. Clearly people either didn’t know their Muppets or had a bad case of revisionist history syndrome.

A Quick Ratings Decline

Pig Girls Don’t Cry (Pilot) aired September 22, 2015 to 9.01 million viewers – one of the highest debuts of the Fall 2015 season. By episode 2 the next week, that number dropped to 5.78 million. Episode 10, the last episode of the 2015 year, Single All The Way, hit 3.81 million viewers. After the rejiggering of the show, technically called a “creative overhaul”, The Muppets returned February 2, 2016 with the 11th episode, Swine Song. That hit 2.76 million viewers. Got Silk was the series low on February 16, 2016 with 2.45 million viewers and the Season 1 (and now the series) finale, Because…Love aired March 1, 2016 with 2.73 million viewers. DVR and VOD brought the numbers up by a few million, but it wasn’t enough to save the show.

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Unfortunately, the new head of ABC decided to cancel The Muppets and we have to live with that.

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