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The Ledge – Movie Review


The Ledge Will Have You At The Edge Of Your Seat…To Shut The Movie Off

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The Ledge – Movie Review

A man (Charlie Hunnam) goes to the ledge of a tall building and meets the detective (Terrence Howard
charged with talking him down. Through flashbacks, we see that the young man is an atheist who begins having an affair with an evangelical Christian’s wife (Liv Tyler). The detective has issues of his own, as he just found out earlier that day that he is not the father of his children. Throughout the film, we see the events leading up to the fateful meeting of the two.

The Ledge bills itself as an edge of your seat thriller – thrilling is one thing this movie is not but I did want to get out of my seat after a half hour & turn it off.

The film is as saddled down by its stereotypes as it is by its cinematic cliches.  Every character is the  stereotype you expect – the non-believing atheist, the rigid Evangelical Christian, the subservient wife. The cliches run from your standard “two characters falling in love after just a few meetings” to a subplot with a “homosexual roommate”. It’s biggest flaw, however, may be the characters complete unlikability. Of the main four, The only character that didn’t seem to be a jerk in some way was Howard’s detective.

The acting is superb, but ultimately can’t overcome the films other weaknesses. Terrence Howard is amazing as the detective in turmoil. Charlie Hunnam is believable as a man who believes so strongly in his own convictions that he’s willing to seduce a believers wife.  Liv Tyler plays the pouty, lost soul that she plays in every role. Patrick Wilson does well with the heavy handed lines he’s given.

Ultimately, The Ledge is a movie with a very interesting premise that 
falls apart with its unrealistic portrayal of plausible events, its cliches and its uneven pacing. If you came looking for a film that actually delivers upon its “edge of your seat” billing, you came to the wrong ledge.


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