The “Jesus Is Coming” 50% Off Sale!

While the return of Jesus could be a sacred time in the life of believers, it would also be an unbelievably good time to have a sale on jewelry! After all, if it’s the end of the world, who’s going to buy gold bracelets and diamond earrings at full price? Don’t you want to meet your maker looking fabulous? Can you imagine uploading pics of you & J-Nizzle Jesus to Facebook wearing Cubic Zirconia? The Apostles would LOL and scoff you in your picture comments.

That’s where Larry Falter of LTD Jewelers comes in. Since he believes the second coming will be here any day, he’s giving you access to amazing jewelry at crazy prices! So pack up all your belongings, get the family in the mini-van and head to Wisconsin for some unbelievable discounts on all your gold and silver needs.

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