The Best Saved By The Bell Episodes Of All Time!

The best Saved By The Bell episodes of all time!

The best Saved By The Bell episodes of all time!
The best Saved By The Bell episodes of all time!

Here is the absolute best Saved By The Bell episodes of all time! You will not disagree!

If you are a millennial, you automatically loved Saved By The Bell. If you don’t love the classic 90’s TV show, you really need to seek help, because there’s something wrong with you. The show aired on NBC from 1989 until 1993 and follows a group of friends through high school. Originally called, Good Morning, Miss Bliss and airing on Disney Channel,  the show was retooled and relaunched on NBC, where it remained and spawned two spin-offs: Saved by the Bell: The New Class and Saved by the Bell: The College Years.

With 86 episodes and two TV movies, it is hard to make a list of the best episodes, but Pop Culture Whore has managed to do it!

Hit the jump for the best Saved by the Bell episodes of all time!


Screech’s Woman – Season 1, Episode 5. Zack determines that Screech needs a girlfriend and sets off to get him one. When he can’t, he does what anyone else would do – he dresses up like a girl and goes out with Screech himself. ‘Cuz that’s not weird at all to dress up like a girl and trick your friend into going on a date with you.

The Friendship Business – Season 1, Episode 11. A business class project has the gang forming a “company”. As expected, Zack names himself the “boss” and treats everyone else poorly while the gang makes friendship bracelets. The real drams comes when they decide to revolt and create their own rival company. Any show that spawns this amazing video should win all the Oscars, Emmys, Grammys and Tony’s in the world!

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Jessie’s Song – Season 2, Episode 9. The most famous and infamous Saved By The Bell episode of all time. Jessie gets addicted to caffeine pills to help deal with the pressures of her midterms and her singing group, the Hot Sundaes. If you can’t sing “I’m So Excited” – in character – you weren’t a 90’s child.

The Fabulous Belding Boys – Season 2, Episode 15. On the day of a major test, the gangs teacher doesn’t show up. Which means, of course, that Mr. Belding’s brother Rod fills in for him. Rod Belding is obviously the cooler Belding brother because of his long, flowing hair and his dating habits. He’s even going to take them on a cool class trip! Or is he?

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Fake I.D.’sSeason 3, Episode 9. Zack lies to a college girl to impress her and has to make fake I.D.’s so him and the boys can get into a nightclub to meet up with her. But that’s not all folks. While they are there, they see Kelly’s creepy boyfriend Jeff with another girl! THE DRAMA!

Pipe Dreams – Season 3, Episode 11. The school, for some reason, strikes oil, which makes everyone at Bayside really happy that, (again) for some reason, they’ll be rich from it. That is, until the ducks. Yes, the ducks. And for you ladies, gays and bi-curious gentlemen, an oiled up Mario Lopez.

All in the MallSeason 3, Episode 16. The gang leaves Screech to spend the night at the mall to wait in line to buy tickets to a U2 concert. Which isn’t weird at all to have a high school student spend the night at the mall alone. Then the gang finds a shoe box with $5,000 inside and decide to all spend the night at the mall to get tickets the next morning. Until mobsters after their money start chasing them. Dun dun! Also, for some reason that is not explained, Jessie isn’t in this episode at all. Like literally, nobody even mentions her.

No Hope With Dope – Season 3, Episode 21. Bayside is chosen to film an anti-drug commercial by super famous Johnny Dakota. Ironically, Johnny Dakota likes the pot and likes forcing high school students to like the pot too! And he’s got the hots for Kelly!

Rockumentary – Season 3, Episode 22Casey Kasem – yes, THE Casey Kasem, narrates a Behind The Music like show (before Behind The Music existed, actually) on Bayside’s most amazing band ever, The Zack Attack. This song introduced to the greatest song to ever come out of the 1990’s, Friends Forever.

Mystery WeekendSeason 3, Episode 26. Lisa win’s a radio contest that wins the gang a weekend at a mansion for a murder mystery. In a Clue-like twist, guests start disappearing one by one. YES, freaking disappearing! On Saved By The Bell! This is probably where Jessie and Kelly went when they mysteriously disappeared halfway through the final season.

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The Fight – Season 4, Episode 1. Best friends Zack and Slater both fall for the same girl, which causes them to have a fight. A real fight! It’s intense so you’ll want to go to The Max and order some popcorn!

Drinking and Driving – Season 4, Episode 10. In this very special episode, Lisa wins homecoming queen so the gang goes to a party to celebrate. After drinking one beer, Zack gets trashed and crashes Lisa’s mom’s car on the way home. Lesson learned: One beer, YES, ONE BEER, will kill you dead.

Graduation – Season 4, Episode 26. It’s the end of the year, and Mr. Belding lets Zack know that he’s one credit short of graduation. So what’s any straight high schooler do to get that credit? Take ballet of course! So lots of Zack in tights doing choreographed routine to Swan Lake. Fun fact: it takes approximately one and a half minutes for the entire graduating class of Bayside High 1993 to get their diplomas.  We’ll always appreciate your completely inappropriate behavior, Mr. Belding!

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So there you have the best Saved By The Bell episodes ever! Did we miss one of your favorites? Disagree with us? Have your own list of best Saved By The Bell episodes? Tell us in the comments!

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