The Best iPad Accessories

So you got your loved one a shiny new Apple iPad and now you want to get them some great accessories. You’ve come to the right place. I’ve said over & over again how much I LOOOOVE my iPad. I call it my 9 inches of heaven (stop with the dirty minds). With it’s super huge success, comes super awesome accessories. And being the Sale Whore that I am, you know I’ll find you the best iPad accessories at the best price. So read on, dear Apple Whore, and find the coolest and most amazing iPad accessories this side of the Atlantic (whatever that means)!

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Best Apple iPad Accessories

The best form fitting case that you can find for the iPad is the official Apple iPad Case. This never comes off of my iPad except to clean it. Whenever the iPad is in my hands, this case is on it. As with most things that Apple creates, they’ve put just as much thought into the function as they have the design. Built semi-tough with a microfiber inside, this case fits absolutely perfectly on your iPad. It features a flap on the back so you can fold the outer flap behind the iPad to use as a stand for watching videos. This truly is a must have!

I actually triple protect mine with cases, which may be overkill for some, but it works for me. First I use the Apple iPad Case for basic protection when I’m using the iPad. Then I’ll put in a case like the Hard Candy Cases Bubble Sleeve iPad Case. Listen to me beautiful Apple Whores – YOU NEED A SLEEVE! When you’re done being enamored for the time being with the iPad, you then put it in a sleeve for actual damage protection. This Hard Candy case is a little on the pricey side, but it is WELL worth it. You want to protect your investment. The way the designers created this is ingenious as the inside of the case is bubbled to protect the iPad in case of an accidental fall or drop.

OK and here is the third bit of protection I use – a nice bag. The bag I use is the eBigValue Shoulder Carrying Case for Apple iPad. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag! It is big enough that you can put all your iPad accessories in there, but small enough that it doesn’t feel like you’re carrying around a suitcase. So you see why my iPad is so protected? I’ve got the case that never comes off. When I’m done using the iPad it goes in the Sleeve which then goes in the bag. This is the coolest bag I’ve seen yet for an iPad.

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If you want to do anything more than light typing, you will want to pickup an Apple Keyboard Dock. This also acts as a dock and charger for your iPad, but allows you to type in a more traditional way. If you’re doing short e-mails and web searches only, you’ll be fine without this. If you’re typing up larger e-mails or documents and doing a large amount of typing, you’ll want to spend the money on this.

If you’re anything like me, you have four or five extra chargers for each of your iPhone, iPod and various other gizmos and gadgets. The iPad is no different. Get the 6 foot Apple iPad 10W USB Power Adapter. The extra length give you the flexibility you need when you’ve sucked away 4 hours on the couch watching movies and playing games on your iPad and you get the dreaded low battery icon flashing on your screen. Believe me, if you don’t get it, you’ll either have to do something else and charge it (gasp!) or you’ll have to huddle fetal position in the corner while your iPad is charging so you can finish the latest episode of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Spend the extra $10 and get the six foot length – you’ll thank me later.

This item is so cool! If you’re a pro photographer or even an amateur one, you will want the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit. This kit hooks to your iPad so you can transport your photos directly from your camera straight to your iPad. This is great for traveling or if you’ve just done an awesome photo shoot and want to see your pictures on location. This will allow you to choose which photos you want to put on the iPad, imports them and then organizes them into albums. Then, the next time you sync your iPad to your computer, the photos are transferred over for you. It’s a really cool accessory to have, especially if you’re a picture taker.

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You’re going to need a good set of headphones. I have got the MOST amazing ones for you. The Heartbeats By Lady Gaga High Performance In-Ear Headphones With Control Talk are simply put – the best headphones I have ever used. Designed by Lady Gaga and manufactured by Monster, these are “High Performance In-Ear Headphones” meaning they literally go inside your ear and give you studio quality sound. You will hear things in your favorite songs that you didn’t even know where there. I use these for my iPhone 4 as well, which is why I chose the one with the Control Talk feature. That feature includes a tiny dongle on the cord that has a microphone and allows you to pick up, hang up or put your caller on hold, without having to touch the phone itself. With the Skype and Google Voice apps now available, you could also use this on your iPad to make phone calls.

When you’re on that long plane trip and watching a movie on your iPad with your bud, you will want this Belkin Headphone Splitter. For under $5 it will give you high quality, low degredation sound so you and someone else can hook your headphones into the iPad. It’s an inexpensive solution for two of you to enjoy your iPad.

So did The Whore miss any good Apple iPad Accessories? Is there something YOU can’t live without with your iPad? Tell us in the comments!

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