‘Strange Days With Bob Saget’ Review

Bob Saget is best known for his role as straight laced father Danny Tanner on Full House and his hosting duties on America’s Funniest Home Videos. Saget also has a long, hysterically funny streak in shows such as Entourage, as well as his edgy stand up routines. It is this mismatch of career paths that make him the perfect host for A&E’s new show, “Strange Days With Bob Saget“. Shot documentary style, ‘Strange Days” takes viewers along with Saget as he immerses himself in American sub-cultures that most of us will never know. From riding with a hardcore motorcycle gang, to pledging a fraternity at Cornell University, we get to experience the ‘dirt and all’ look at some of the most fascinating worlds in America.

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The first episode, “Riding Shotgun With Hardcore Bikers” brings Saget into the world of motorcycle clubs, as he is given the opportunity to ride with the Iron Order Motorcycle Club. Saget will ride with the club for 1 week as a probationary member – on a side car, no less – to experience the life these extraordinary people live. A club started solely to attain brotherhood between like minded individuals who happen to share the love of motorcycles, the Iron Order takes Saget in as if he were one of their own. Saget eats, parties, laughs – and most importantly, rides, with the IOMC throughout a week marked with both a wedding and a funeral. From club meetings to parties, pitstops to meals, he is given a total look at the life of one of ‘the brothers’.

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Another episode, “Let’s Go Squatching – The Search For Bigfoot” has Saget spending a week with the Bigfoot Research Organization. The BFRO dedicate their lives to tracking, researching and collecting evidence of “Bigfoot”. Saget is not afraid to joke about his fellow adventurers as he says “it looks like 20 years have gone by and the Scooby-Do gang had escaped from prison”. A bit skeptical, he goes in with an open mind. Camping, tracking, hiking and waiting with this rag tag team of adventurers, Saget is always up for the challenge. And that is a big part of what makes ‘Strange Days’ work so well. It is through him that we get to see see what life is like within such interesting American sub-cultures.

The series is doted with narration by Saget, who straddles the line between an American Richard Attenborough and the host of America’s Funniest Home Videos (oh, wait). Funny, informative and touching, ‘Strange Days’ is an age old concept with a fresh and witty perspective. Bob Saget is the glue that holds the show together. Without him, the show would be dry and boring. With him, it turns from mere documentary footage into truly entertaining, truly addicting, real life television.

Strange Days With Bob Saget” will premiere back to back episodes at 10pm Eastern, November 30 2010 on A&E.

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