Stevie Nicks Talks New Album

Get your shawls out Stevie Whores! It has been 9 years since Stevie Nicks last released a solo record – but the wait is almost over fellow Music Whores! She’s been in the studio with one half of the Eurythmics, Dave Stewart. She tells the NY Daily News: “I’ve never before written anything with anybody else. This is a great opportunity to do something new. I now understand why John Lennon and Paul McCartney worked so well together. You feed so much off each other.” She says the record is “a full-blown rock ‘n’ roll album with some beautiful ballads. And it’s been fantastic and funky working at home.”

The currently untitled album will be released next year, with a tour to follow. Nicks promises a new Fleetwood Mac record and tour after that. 

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