Star Wars To Become Animated Sitcom

What?? This is sacrilegious! The AP is reporting that Lucasfilm Animation has announced they are developing an animated sitcom based on the Star Wars universe. Although no title or airdate has been released, they did say it would irreverently explore the mythology of the franchise. Seth Green (of Family Guy & creative force behind Robot Chicken) will be apart of the creative team. 

The Whore wasn’t even born when the 1978 special came out and still I know enough to stay far, far away from it. The ONLY way this could work is if it is spoofing the entire franchise a la Robot Chicken. Then again, that’s already been done. What do YOU think of this?

The horrendous 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special mixed animation and live action with Broadway style musical numbers and even Bea Arthur. Throw up after watching the clip below.

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