Is Spider-Man: Homecoming The New Spidey Movie?

Is Spider-Man: Homecoming the new Spidey movie?

Sony buys up multiple Spider-Man related domain names for upcoming movie.

Sony finally gave Marvel back the rights to Spider-Man after two reboots and five (rather) awful movies. Part of that deal allows Sony to continue making Spider-Man movies, but in partnership with Marvel. It’s the reason we are getting Spidey in Marvel Studio’s upcoming Captain America: Civil War. And let’s all be honest here, Spider-Man should remain in the hands of only Marvel Studios.

As the summer 2017 release date of the upcoming Spider-Man man movie fast approaches, Sony has now registered multiple domain names. (way to be literal there, Sony).

While the first three domains sound insanely cheesy, Spider-Man: Homecoming is an actual story arc that ran in the comic books. Interestingly, that storyline began in The Amazing Spider-Man #252 and revolves around Peter Parker returning to New York City after the 1984 Secret Wars event. Even more interestingly, when Spider-Man returns to New York City, he has gained the famous Venom alien symbiote costume, and features multiple Avengers. You can pick up The Amazing Spider-Man: The Complete Alien Costume Saga, Book 1 graphic novel from Amazon now!

Instead of showing us Spider-Man’s origin story for the third time in what will be six movies, it would actually be extremely creative to have this new franchise reboot start with Spidey returning to New York City after his MCU debut in Captain America: Civil War.  We’ll know more soon on the Spidey movie, if it will be called Spider-Man: Homecoming and more tidbits as Sony begins prep for the movie which hits theaters July 7, 2017.

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