Sony Plans Spider-Man Villain Movies; Will You Care?

Sony plans Spider-Man villain movies; Will Anyone Care?

Sony plans Spider-man villain movies
Sony Plans Spider-Man Villain Movies including Venom

Sony has plans to release various movies based in the Amazing Spider-Man universe, with the spin-offs focusing on villains. After the upcoming release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, they will focus on a Venom movie and a Sinister Six movie, while concurrently working on Amazing Spider-Man 3.

Obviously Sony is going for a Marvel like cinematic universe. The problem with that is, that Marvel has literally thousands of comic books and properties to build and expand a universe on, while Sony has one: Spider-man. Producer Avi Arad saysWith Marvel characters, the villains are victims of circumstance. If you look at aour villains, none of them were born like that. Our villains are nice and complex and in the world of film writing you can play with that, you can make some wonderful things out of it.

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