Sony Expands Ghostbusters Universe With Animated Movie; Signs Director

Sony Expands Ghostbusters Universe With Animated Movie

Sony Expands Ghostbusters Universe with Animated Movie ; Signs Director Fletcher Moules
With the upcoming all female reboot of Ghostbusters being released this summer, Sony is not about to let an opportunity for a major franchise to go to waste. They have just signed Fletcher Moules to direct an upcoming Ghostbusters animated movie through Sony Pictures Animation. Moules is known for his insanely popular Clash of Clans animated commercials.

Sony is lacking in the franchise department, while Disney has the Marvel movies (MCU) and Warner Brothers has the DC Comics movies. They created Ghost Corps, which is a creative collecting including Ghostbusters creator Ivan Reitman and writer Dan Ackroyd. Ghost Corps aims to create an entire expanded Ghostbusters cinematic universe where multiple films (& maybe additional tv shows, comic books and games) can come to fruition in cohesion.

Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II were hugely popular films, followed by the animated The Real Ghostbusters in 1986 and the popular IDW Ghostbusters comic books.

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