Shrek 4 Brings $20 Million On Friday

Shrek Forever After brought in $20 million on Friday and is now tracking for a $70 million weekend. While that’s no small change in any sense of the word, it is far below original expectations ($100 million weekend) and even further below the $122 million Shrek The Third took in it’s first weekend. After the horrendous reviews of the previous film, and now this, it looks like it’s time to wind down the Shrek films. They can still have a franchise through the planned Puss In Boots film, as well as the tv specials, but the Shrek films themselves should be put to rest.

The Whore found the third movie extremely boring, completely devoid in the creativity that brought the first two to amazing film status, and outdated by the second week it was out. Are YOU going to be seeing Shrek Forever After or are you going to poke your eyes out with a shrimp fork instead?

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