Scream 4 In Trouble?

This is HORRIBLE news, Horror Whores! Scream 4, which was shaping up to be made of all parts awesome, is running into trouble. Writer / creator Kevin Williamson has now dropped out of the project. So has Lauren Graham and Lake Bell. Even legendary director Wes Craven is frustrated, tweetingI have not been given control of the script. #Scream4“. Williamson, who wrote the first two Scream films, has dropped out reportedly due to the studio intervening too much in the creative process. In his place will be the writer of the horrendous Scream 3, Ehren Kruger. This obviously eliminates the reunion between the acting talent and behind the scenes talent that made the first two classic horror movies.

WHY must the studios intervene with the creative process? They’re sometimes good at being business men and women. Let the creative people deal with the creative stuff.

What do YOU think about this news?

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