Rose Mcgowan Pens Open Letter to Scott Baio

Rose Mcgowan writes open letter to Scott Baio
The fierce female powerhouse Rose Mcgown pens open letter to Scott Baio completely obliterating his Christian moral hypocrisy

Actress / writer / director Rose Mcgowan has never been one to stay silent on issues of injustice. The talented Mcgowan may be starring in movies, directing Yoko Ono music videos, and writing and directing critically acclaimed short films, but that hasn’t stopped her from writing an open letter calling out the hypocrisy on display at the Republican National Convention. Particularly from former television star Scott Baio.

If you don’t know who Scott Baio is, consider yourself normal! Baio was on the cast of the late 1970’s show Happy Days and starred in the spinoff Joanie Loves Chachi. His other notable role was the lead in Charles in Charge, which ended in 1990 – 26 years ago. His work since then includes playing “Pat the Pig” in a TV movie of Alice in Wonderland, and a doctor in an episode of The Nanny.

Baio has put himself in back in the national spotlight by being an absolute idiot. An example of this is when he tweeted a picture of Hillary Clinton standing in front of the word “Count” while blocking the “O” (spelling C*NT). Simultaneously, he’s telling America they need to vote for former Reality TV host and failed businessman Donald Trump because he will bring back morals and Christian family values to America.

Mcgowan took to her Facebook page to absolutely tear apart Baio’s hypocrisy. You can’t tell the world how Christian you are and how America needs to get back to Christian morality and values while using the most degrading word that you can against women without looking like an absolute moron. If these are the “Christian values” Baio represents, it’s no wonder nobody wants anything to do with them.

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Side note to Scott Baio: Our forefathers specifically stated “The United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.” Signed by President Adams and ratified unanimously by the first Congress.

Read Mcgowan’s powerful letter to the former TV star.

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