REVIEW: The X-Files (2016) Is As Vital As Ever!

REVIEW: The X-Files (2016) is As Vital As Ever

The X-Files 2016 is as vital as ever. My Struggle Review
REVIEW: The X-Files (2016) Is As Vital As Ever. Season 10, Episode 1, My Struggle Review
In case you haven’t heard, The X-Files has returned to Fox. After 14 years off of the air, and 8 years since the last movie, Agents Mulder and Scully are back and arguably, better than ever. The first episode of the 6 episode limited event miniseries is tasked with taking a show planted so firmly in the 90’s and early 00’s, that many wondered if it would even be relevant today. Wonder no longer.

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REVIEW: The X-Files (2016) As Vital As Ever; ‘My Struggle’ review

The X-Files My Struggle Review; Scully & Mulder meet again gif
The X-Files ‘My Struggle’ – Scully & Mulder meet again.

Season 10, Episode 1   
My Struggle

After 8 years of silence from our favorite characters, My Struggle opens up with a nearly three minute long speech by Fox Mulder on The X-Files and what place it has in the world today. With the closing of The X-Files (and the show) in 2002, the world is a vastly different place in 14 years. From the Patriot Act, to a huge jump in technology – goodbye ginormous brick like cell phones – to more government secrets than one could shake a stick at, the world is different. Luckily, the show not only keeps up with those differences, but runs with them.

The first 15 minute of the show catches us up on what Mulder and Scully are doing today, until Scully gets a call from Walter Skinner who needs Mulder’s help. This reunites the two, as Glenn Beck like media personality Tad O’Malley, played by Joel McHale, claims to have the biggest secret the government has ever withheld.

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The conspiracy involves a girl who claims to have been abducted very much in the same vein Scully herself had been, and the two immediately take an interest in the case….er, situation – The X-Files, as of that moment – is still officially closed. From here, our two favorite former agents are determined to find out the truth and what this conspiracy truly means for society.  Without giving spoilers, it is classic show and leads to the reopening of The X-Files.

Creator Chris Carter writes and directs this episode, which gives die hard fans (like me) plenty to swoon about, while introducing new viewers to the 9 year show history in a 44 minute timeframe. The results are brilliant. The critics never really did like The X-Files, and they probably won’t start with this. My Struggle was a necessary way to reintroduce The X-Files into the 2010’s. It is a mytharc episode – one that pushes forward the mythological arc sewn throughout the seasons. The four episodes to follow will be Monster of the Week (MotW) episodes wrapping up with a final mytharc episode.

For old fans, The X-Files delivers in spades. For new fans, this is the perfect time to hop on. The X-Files (2016) is as vital today as it ever was. The truth is still out there. Hallelujah, Agents Mulder and Scully are back to find it.

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