REVIEW: The WatchBot – You Need This For Your Home

REVIEW: The WatchBot – You Need This For Your Home

The WatchBot security system is compact, affordable and essential!

No matter whether you are home a lot or you’re constantly on the go, the safety of your home and possessions is always of the utmost importance. Now there’s a fun, advanced and affordable way to have piece of mind. It’s called The WatchBot.

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The WatchBot 3 is an amazing piece of technology. Essentially, it’s a full alarm system in a compact, beautifully designed package. It’s no more than 6 inches tall and looks futuristic. And futuristic it truly is. The WatchBot is the eyes (and ears) of your house and possessions twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. You install it in an area that you want to have monitored (I chose a corner and pointed it towards my front door). Installation is as simple as “plug and play”. You do some simple settings via your computer to “connect” your WatchBot to the internet and you’re done.


From there you are able to remotely log-in and monitor your home from the WatchBot. You can do this by going to a dedicated website from any computer, tablet, cell phone or laptop. The “eye” of The WatchBot has a large viewing area, but you can also pan and tilt the camera from wherever you are with a simple mouse click.

You’re probably thinking, “I can’t sit on my iPad all day monitoring my house, so how does this help me?” And you’d be perfectly correct in thinking that.  Elecro Box, the makers of WatchBot have already thought about that. So they’ve included Motion Sensors that, when triggered, will e-mail you immediately to notify you of the breach. From there, you can quickly log-on and remotely view what’s going on. It also includes Night Vision, which works flawlessly. That way, you don’t need to worry about constantly leaving lights on.

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Another amazing feature is the ability for recording and two way audio. You can actually record the sound from the room (which could come in handy in legal cases) and even use your phone, computer, tablet or PC to speak through the WatchBot. Another nice addition is the ability to hook up your WatchBot to a speaker for an Alarm function.

Overall, the WatchBot 3.0 is a superb piece of technology. Small, easy to use, advanced and affordable, it is a “best in class” device that rivals the biggest names in the business.  This gadget isn’t just fun and attractive- it’s safety and piece of mind.

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