REVIEW: StayblCam is the Perfect Gadget

REVIEW: StayblCam is Videographers Dream

REVIEW: StayblCam is Videographer / Photographers Dream
REVIEW: StayblCam is the perfect gadget!

Editors Note: Review done by our fav, Kyle McMahon (aka K.Mac)!

Anyone who’s shot video from their phone or compact camera (which is just about everyone) knows how hard it is to get good, steady video. Eskil Nordhaug knew that too and decided to do something about it. He created the StayblCam.

The Stayblcam is a portable, lightweight stabilizer for video and stills. You simply attach your phone or compact camera to it (Hello GoPro!) and you can stretch it from it’s descended 10 inches all the way up to 3 feet above your head. It works the opposite too and can go as low as one inch from the ground. It’s so light that I was easily able to use the StayblCam with one hand and take great tracking video.

As a testament to how needed the StayblCam is can be found simply by checking out the Stabylcam’s Kick Starter. The goal was $35,000 and StayblCam hit that goal in just 8 days. Currently, there is a bit over $100,000 pledged with over 1,100 backers. This is truly incredible. Because of the enormous outpouring of funding, Mr. Nordhaug was able to add a mount for DSLR’s that will come in future StayblCam’s shipping upon launch. That will change the game even further.

The bottom line is that the StayblCam is more than worth your money. The video stabilizers on the market now are extremely complex and even more expensive. The StayblCam is both affordable and simple. For the young and active, or anyone who just wants nice, clean, stable video without breaking your back – or your bank – the StayblCam is a must have.

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Visit the StayblCam website for additional information!

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