REVIEW: Paranormal Activity 4 Blu-Ray / DVD / Digital

REVIEW: Paranormal Activity 4 – Blu-Ray / DVD / Digital

A Review of Paranormal Activity 4 on Blu-ray / DVD / Digital
REVIEW: Paranormal Activity 4 Blu-Ray / DVD / Digital

While the Paranormal Activity franchise has certainly produced a huge amount of scares and a boat load of money (over $807 million in box office from 5 movies so far), Paranormal Activity 4 shows us that it might have run out of steam.

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The plot of Paranormal Activity 4 is something about a suburban family who begin witnessing strange events when a neighborhood boy must temporarily stay with them. In the franchise timeline, it takes place five years after the events in Paranormal Activity 2.

What it seems like to the viewer is an hour of nothing followed by 15 minutes of creepy happenings and exposition. You literally could cut out 50 minutes of Paranormal Activity 4 and it would make no difference whatsoever on the plot. That is how much useless filler is included. In fact, it felt much longer than it’s actual 88 minute running time.

What little plot at the end of the film we get, is actually good, and furthers the mythology of the franchise. The cast is also quite good. The new techniques that the filmmakers have used for the “found footage” is new and welcome. Instead of just security cameras and a video camera, we get Apple FaceTime, MacBook laptops and even an XBox Kinect.

The problem is that the Paranormal Activity franchise is just repeating itself over and again with each new movie. There’s nothing new to this. The first Paranormal Activity was terrifying, exciting and new. Paranormal Activity 2 was different enough and scary enough to be a legitimate entry in the franchise. Paranormal Activity 3 was even better. This entry though, just seems like a horrible rehash of the first three.

Creatively, it seems the team currently handling the Paranormal Activity franchise have just plain run out of ideas. There is only so many movies worth of “videotaped normal family turns to videotaped strange events turns to videotaped crazy events turns to death” that the movie going public can take. Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, a spin-off from the franchise, was also different enough to be a worthy entry. With Paranormal Activity 5 due in October 2014, fans better hope there’s a serious quality uptick or this franchise is dead.

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It should actually just be labeled “extra” because there’s only one here. 9 minutes of footage are put back into the film to make the Unrated Directors Cut. It adds nothing. The extra is “The Recovered Files” which is almost a half hour of deleted scenes that also add nothing to the film. As a combo pack, it also comes with the DVD and Ultra Violet digital copy.

It is also worth nothing is that the footage that played after the credits in theaters, has been cut here. The footage essentially introduced the story to be played out in Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones. Who knows why that would be taken out of this package. So for the die hards, you must get this to add it to your collection. For everyone else, Paranormal Activity 4 is probably a skip.

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