REVIEW: Monte Pittman – The Power of Three

REVIEW: Monte Pittman – The Power of Three

Review of Monte Pittman's album, The Power of Three
REVIEW: Monte Pittman, The Power of Three, album

If you don’t know Monte Pittman, you’ve definitely heard (and seen) him play. As Madonna’s guitarist and collaborator for 13 years, he’s been by her side playing along. The Super Bowl Half-Time show. Live Earth. Live 8. Playing sell out tours in sell out stadiums all around the world. Co-writing the amazing “Easy Ride” off of her “American Life” album. You’ve seen him. You’ve heard him. And now, he releases his latest album, “The Power of Three“.

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Background on Monte Pittman

Besides The Queen (and there’s only one….bitch), Monte joined metal band Prong for their 2002 tour and subsequent live album 100% Live. He played both bass and guitar for the 2003 studio album Scorpio Rising and wrote 5 of the 13 songs for the 2007 release Power of the Damager.

Pittman acted as musical director and guitarist for Adam Lambert’s first post-American Idol tour where he garnered additional praise and an expanded following of his own. That’s when his first album, The Deepest Dark, came out in 2009. The acoustic album was a critical favorite and was the #1 selling acoustic album on CDBaby and the 9th highest selling album overall for October 2010.

His second album, Pain, Love & Destiny was released in October of 2011 and had broken Kickstarter records as the highest grossing musical act with $65,500. In addition, Madonna let the album be sold in the merchandising booth on her 2012 sold out MDNA Tour.  You heard that right: Madonna, the top selling female artist of all time, put Monte’s album in her merch booth. That’s how good it is.

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The Power of Three

So it was with high expectations that Monte’s third album arrived. Released through Metal Blade Records and produced by the legendary Flemming Rasmussen (who produced such iconic metal albums as Metallica’s Master of Puppets), The Power of Three is one of the best examples of musicianship in quite some time.

The album opens with the lead single, A Dark Horse, which opens innocently enough before bursting into riffs that will make Metal lovers have to change their pants. The heavy hitters continue with each new track as masterfully performed, well written and sung as the one before it. You can already imagine Before the Mourning Son, another masterpiece on an album of highlights, blaring out of your car speakers from your favorite rock station.  All Is Fair in Love and War closes the album – a 12 minute epic hitting just about every genre and tempo one could cohesively insert into a song. It continues to hammer in what a skilled musician – and artist- it is that you are listening to.

Upon it’s release last month, The Power of Three quickly climbed up the iTunes charts and the Top 10 of the iTunes Metal Charts. This is deservedly so. This is an album that has needed to come out for quite some time. Melodic, beautiful, and sometimes haunting, The Power of Three has been what is missing from Metal for years.

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