REVIEW: Madonna GHV2


Album / Music Review: Madonna, GHV2, Greatest Hits Volume 2
REVIEW: Madonna, GHV2

It’s not often that a recording artist can actually stay true to the title of “Greatest Hits”, while actually including all hits. See recent Hits packages by Hilary Duff, Michael Jackson, and Mariah Carey, where remixes, b-sides, flopped singles alternate cuts, and even non-singles must be added to fill up the disc. It’s even more rare for an artist to be able to fill a SECOND greatest hits package, without any overlap, and STILL have certifiable hits left off.
GHV2 starts out where The Immaculate Collection left off… 1992.
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REVIEW: Madonna, GHV2 cntd…
Deeper & Deeper hit #7 on the charts (#1 in Dance) and was the second single off of Erotica. It was a disco flavored house / pop hybrid.
Erotica, the controversial, dark lead off single from the album of the same name, hit #3 (#1 in Dance). Human Nature hit #46, but was #2 in sales and in huge rotation on MTV & VH-1.
Secret, the lead off single from Bedtime Stories, hit #3 (#1 Dance) is up next. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina hit #8 (#1 Dance), is included in ballad form, not the Miami Dance Remix that was also very popular in the clubs.
GHV2 then dips back to Bedtime Stories again with the way ahead of its time “Bedtime Story“, the 3rd single from the album. It hit #42 (#1 Dance). We then skip to the 3rd US single from Ray Of Light, the hyper-ballad “Power Of Goodbye“. It peaked at #11.
Beautiful Stranger” the gloriously delicious throwback to the 70’s, hit #16 (#1 Dance, #1 Sales), follows. “Frozen” is up next. The lead of single from Ray Of Light hit #2 (#1 Dance, #1 Sales).
We go back to the Bedtime Story album with “Take A Bow“, which spent 11 weeks at #1, as well as 9 weeks at the top Sales spot. “Ray Of Light” (#5, #1 Dance, #1 Sales) follows.
The stuttering “Don’t Tell Me” comes up next and hit #4 (#1 Dance, #1 Sales). “What It Feels Like For A Girl” is next. It hit #23 (#1 Dance, #1 Sales). Drowned World wasn’t released in the US, but this set was also intended for international release and it hit #10 in the UK. It’s a shame this wasn’t released in the US, as it is one of the most touching, heartfelt songs in her catalog.

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Music” – the biggest hit in her 2nd decade in music – finishes off the collection. It hit #1 (#1 Dance, #1 Sales, #1 Airplay) and stayed there for 4 weeks.

With so many huge hits filling the disc, again, as with the first Hits set, legitimate hits had to be left off. These include “This Used To Be My Playground” (#1), Bad Girl (#36), I’ll Remember (#1), You’ll See (#6), You Must Love Me (#18), and American Pie (#29).
All in all, GHV2 is a true testament to the power of Madonna. With more Top 10 hits than any artist in history, there’s nobody else in her league. GHV2 will take you back to wherever you were when they were released, and you’ll love every minute of it.

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