REVIEW: Guardians of the Galaxy May Be Best Marvel Movie Yet

REVIEW: Guardians of the Galaxy May Be Best Marvel Movie Yet

REVIEW: Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy
REVIEW: Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

has done absolutely amazing things in just a few short years. Not only have they launched multiple successful franchises with the likes of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and The Avengers, but they’ve managed to create an entire universe that connects them all (the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or MCU). While they’ve hinted at the idea of a world beyond our own (and even took us to Asgard in the Thor films, we’ve really only gotten a glimpse of what lies beyond.

That all changed with their release of Guardians of the Galaxy.  In what could only be considered a huge gamble, Marvel took almost C list comic book characters and thrust them into the pop culture world as the headliners in their own movie. That gamble paid off in spades.

Guardians of the Galaxy is quite possibly the best Marvel movie yet – and that’s saying quite a lot. With a franchise that now spans 10 films with such new classics as The Avengers and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, it’s certainly a high barometer to hit. They’ve managed to do just that.

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REVIEW: Guardians of the Galaxy May Be Best Marvel Movie Yet…(cntd)

Guardians of the Galaxy Team
The Guardians of the Galaxy team

The film follows Peter Quill aka Star-Lord (played by the amazing Chris Pratt) who is a human space adventurer making his way by acquiring and selling objects. He runs into trouble when he steals a powerful orb that is wanted by Ronan The Accuser for what it contains inside. Ronan sends his daughter Gamora (Zoe Saldana) after him to retrieve the orb. Now, with a bounty on his head, Star-Lord has two bounty hunters on his tail as well, by the way of Rocket Raccoon (voiced perfectly by Bradley Cooper) and his best friend, tree humanoid Groot (voiced by Vin Diesel). All are captured and sent to prison where they meet Drax The Destroyer whose family was killed by Ronan. Upon learning of how the orb can destroy entire planets, the group decide to team up to escape prison and stop Ronan.

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The cast is pure perfection and each team member has their chance to really shine. Chris Pratt ultimately steals the show though, proving to the world that his fan favorite character in Parks and Recreation was just the warm up for his big screen debut. The CGI in the film is top notch. Never for a moment will poor CGI jar you out of the film. In fact, it wasn’t until after the credits rolled that I stopped and thought “I just watched a 2 hour movie featuring a talking, bomb making raccoon”.

Extremely action packed, heartfelt and hysterically funny, Guardians of the Galaxy is everything you want it to be and more.  There is not a wasted moment in the film and there won’t be an instant that you look at your phone to see how much longer the movie has. While Captain America: The Winter Soldier (see our review here) was one of the best Marvel movies thus far, Guardians of the Galaxy has it beat. If you enjoy sci-fi or Marvel films, this is an absolute must see.

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