RATINGS: The X-Files Season 10 Goes Out With A Bang

RATINGS: The X-Files Season 10 Goes Out With A Bang

The X-Files Season 10 (2016) ends as a huge hit for fox
Ratings: The X-Files (2016) Season 10 goes out with a bang. More episodes could be coming.
The truth is still out there, but the question of The X-Files return being a success is not as the Season 10 finale brought in 7.6 million live viewers. That number is sure to jump to 11+ million when accounting for DVR and Fox streaming.
The X-Files Season 10, or ‘The Event Series’ or The X-Files (2016) – whatever you want to call it – has been a bonafide hit for Fox. Besides being a hit with fans – see our glowing review here! The 6 episodes have average 12.5 million viewers an episode which makes it the highest rated “new” show of the season and the highest rated Fox show behind only the white Empire. The first episode of this season of The X-Files hit 16.2 million viewers which makes it the 8th highest rated episode of The X-Files ever. Very impressive.
As for an 11th season of the pop culture icon, series creator Chris Carter told Hollywood Reporter:
“They’re going to ask for more. The ratings were very good. They were happy with the show. I talked to (CEO of FOX Television) Dana Walden today. She said they’d very much like more, but nothing’s being negotiated yet. I have been speaking with David pretty regularly. I think he’s game. I have spoken to Gillian less frequently, but I believe she would be game. So I’m just working around their busy schedules. They both have families. It’s another practical matter.”

Leave it to The X-Files crew to keep us on a crazy cliffhanger of if the show will be returning. Until then, we will wait with bated breath.

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