Prometheus 2 Is Coming in 2016

Prometheus 2 Is Coming in 2016

Prometheus 2 (Paradise) coming 2016 by Ridley Scott
Prometheus 2 (Paradise) is coming in 2016

After much “will there” or “won’t there”, it is now confirmed: Prometheus is getting a sequel. The Wrap reports that Prometheus 2 (possibly titled Paradise) will hit theaters March 4, 2016. Since Prometheus served as a prequel to Alien, Prometheus 2 will continue after Prometheus ends and be much more in line with the Alien franchise in regards to horror and tone. It is expected that there will be multiple “David” androids (played by Michael Fassbender). Moreover, Ridley Scott will be producing and directing too!

This is great news for The Whore as Prometheus was a fascinatingly good movie, but other sci-fi nerds were split.

What do you think? Is Prometheus 2 a good thing? Tell us in the comments. 

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