Pixar’s “It Gets Better” Short A MUST Watch!

For a moment, let’s be serious. There is a horrible rash of gay youth suicides and an uptick in bullying in general, particularly for homosexuals. We live in 2010, when Ellen is one of the most popular shows on television. 2010, where MTV has its own gay themed channel. 2010, where reruns of Will & Grace and Queer Eye For The Straight Guy play incessantly. For the most part, people just don’t care about another persons sexuality. Things have come a long way. Unfortunately, with that change in attitude for the better, comes a bigger resistance from those who are so against it. Intolerance says more about the intolerant, than it does about their targets. Why is there someone who always wants to push their own personal feelings on someone else? How does who someone loves affect an unrelated party in any way shape or form? Who is someone else to judge? These are all questions I struggle with. At the end of the day, we’re all the same – just people trying to find their way in this world. Life is difficult enough without having to worry about someone telling you how wrong you are in what you do with your life. Imagine living your life with people judging you based on the person you love. Imagine not being able to hold hands in public with the person you love. Imagine having to hide the love that you have. Or not being able to tell your family or your friends or your co-workers. Imagine having to live your life in fear. That is what keeps these kids so terrified. They don’t yet see that it’s a big world out there and there’s a whole happy life just waiting for them to come and claim it.

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Pixar has joined the It Gets Better campaign, which promotes positivity to homosexuals, particularly homosexual youth. Well known persons and celebrities (as well as some unknowns) are telling their story of what they struggled with, before achieving success, accepting who they were, and ultimately, loving their life. Watch Pixar’s touching contribution to the project, from some of the creative geniuses behind our favorite Pixar films.

 To those who are intolerant. The fact of the matter is it is YOU who are in the minority. Remember that.

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