Pixar’s Cars 2 & Planes Spin-Off!

The Whore’s favorite studio of all time, Pixar, is hard at work getting Cars 2 ready in time for it’s June 24 2011 release. We know that it will be as perfect as every Pixar film before it. In the meantime, word is out that a direct to DVD spin off film titled Planes will be forthcoming as well. While Pixar flirted with the idea of direct to DVD before with Toy Story 2, they ultimately backed off and went theatrical, as the powers that be felt it could dilute their brands as parent company Disney did (remember Lion King 1 & 1/2 ?)

Is this a way to extend the franchise without a series of endless sequels? Is this a way to continue taking advantage of the BILLION dollar merchandising Cars has produced without overextending the brand? Who knows. The lineup Pixar has is Toy Story 3 for 2010, Cars 2 for 2011 and Monsters Inc 2 for 2012. It would be nice to return to amazing originals as they’ve always done, but if anyone can do this right, The Whore puts his faith in Pixar.

What are YOUR thoughts on all of this?

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