Philly Comic Con Quickie with Jeffrey Reddick

Kyle McMahon’s Philly Comic Con Quickie with Jeffrey Reddick

Jeffrey Reddick Has a Philly Comic Con Quickie Interview with Kyle McMahon
Jeffrey Reddick Has a Philly Comic Con Quickie with Kyle McMahon

We sent Kyle McMahon aka K.Mac to the 2014 Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con to run rampant with all of the great artists, writers, celebrities and of course…those legendary fans! Kyle ran into the amazing writer / director Jeffery Reddick and had a Comic Con Quickie! Reddick’s work includes creating the Final Destination series, writing Tamara, and producing here!’s Dante’s Cove

Hit the jump for Kyle McMahon’s Philly Comic Con Quickie with Jeffrey Reddick!
Kyle McMahon’s Philly Comic Con Quickie with Jeffrey Reddick (cntd…)

Kyle: Hey, thanks so much for speaking with us. I’m a huge fan of your work, so I’m dying to know what you’re working on next.

Jeffrey: I’m working with Andrew (van den Houten) on adapting the YA (Young Adult) series The Undertakers by Ty Drago. It actually is set in Philadelphia. It’s darker than most YA stuff and that interests me. It merges the horror genre with zombies, but they’re not quite zombies – more like aliens. We may have some big news regarding casting soon, so if that happens, we’ll start production soon.

Kyle: That sounds awesome! How many books are there?

Jeffrey: The third book (Secret of the Corpse Eater) was just released, and Ty is currently working on the fourth.

Kyle: So this could really be a continuing series, a franchise…

Jeffrey: Oh, definitely!

Kyle: I will definitely be following The Undertakers. What was the biggest surprise for you in your career and what are you most proud of?

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Jeffrey: I’m very grateful to even have one (film) made, let alone the number (of films) that I do. If I had to pick one, I would say Final Destination 2 is the one I am most proud of and most surprised by.

Kyle: I LOVE that movie!! The opening sequence is one of the most intense and suspenseful openings of all time!

Jeffrey: Thank you so much. I grew up in Kentucky, so that log truck sequence was actually inspired by driving behind one.

Kyle: Wow, really? That’s so cool.

With that, fans of Mr. Reddick’s came to the table to peruse his work and chat.

Kyle: Well, I don’t want to take any more of your time. Thank you so much for speaking with me for Pop Culture Whore!

Jeffrey: Thank you so much!

Mr. Reddick was so kind, that he offered to extend the interview. (We will take him up on that!) One of the most talented screen writers in horror and a genuinely nice guy. What else could you want? 

Check out Wizard World for more information on upcoming Comic Con’s.

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