Philly Comic Con Quickie with Artist Tom Whalen

Kyle McMahon’s Philly Comic Con Quickie with Artist Tom Whale

Kyle McMahon's Philadlephia Comic Con Quickie with Artist / Designer Tom Whalen
Kyle McMahon’s Comic Con Quickie with Artist Tom Whalen

We sent Kyle McMahon aka K.Mac to the 2014 Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con to run rampant with all of the great artists, writers, celebrities and of course…those legendary fans! Kyle ran into the amazing artist Tom Whalen and they had a Comic Con Quickie!

Hit the jump for Kyle McMahon’s Philly Comic Con Quickie with Tom Whalen!
Kyle McMahon’s Philadelphia Comic Con Quickie with Artist Tom Whalen (cntd)… 

As I’ve talked about at length, I’m in love with comic books. So when I got the opportunity to invade the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con 2014, I jumped at the chance. You may have read my Comic Con Quickie interview with Final Destination creator Jeffrey Reddick – and if you didn’t, I’ll wait. I also chatted with artist / illustrator / designer Tom Whalen. Mr. Whalen hails from Pennsylvania and creates some of the best poster artwork I’ve ever seen. If I could own every one of his movie posters, my place would be filled with framed Whalen artwork. His Pixar work alone is enough to give me the quivers.

Kyle: You’re work is absolutely stunning. What is your inspiration?

Tom: I get so many assignments of properties that I love. I love going back and revisiting stuff that I loved when I was a kid. It’s fun to go back and reconnect with stuff. So that along with movies, comic books and even stained glass.

Kyle: I know it’s like picking your own children, but do you have a favorite piece that you’ve done?

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Tom: I don’t have a favorite I could name off the top of my head. The Universal stuff I’m really proud of. With the timeframe we had, it’s a benchmark for me that I pulled it off and it’s as cohesive as it is.

Kyle: Yes, your Universal stuff is amazing. What’s the next project that you’re working on?

Tom: I’m working on a two man gallery show with Kevin Tong. It’s an infographic show opening up in August at Phone Booth Gallery in Long Beach California.

Kyle: Thanks so much, I really appreciate your time.

Tom: Thank you!

I look forward to seeing Mr. Whalen’s work at Phone Booth Gallery. To buy prints of Tom’s work, check out his Strong Stuff Shop or visit his website.

Check out Wizard World for information on the upcoming Comic Con’s!

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