Paula Abdul & Simon Cowell Reunite for The X-Factor

It’s officially official now! Paula Abdul will be reuniting with Simon Cowell for Fox’s The X-Factor. The judges panel has now been confirmed as: Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid, Cheryl Cole & Paula Abdul. Auditions in front of producers went down in April, and Sunday the live auditions started.

While there had been rumors that Paula would be joining the panel, the start of the show was getting closer and closer. In fact, the deal wasn’t signed until the day of the first taping. Simon says he wouldn’t have done it without Paula. Simon says it was the lawyers getting in the way:

“I would’ve canceled today (if deal hadn’t gone through). The issue was that these conversations had gone on long enough. It’s not like I sprung this on somebody. I just thought it’s time for everyone to do their job and get the deal done. I couldn’t have sat in front of you lot and said (Paula) wanted to do the deal and we couldn’t. I could just sense that the public would’ve been disappointed without Paula. You see how we are; we get on really well.”

The X-Factor is going to be huge! MARK! MY! WORDS!

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