OWN’s Lindsay Docuseries is Seriously Compelling Television

REVIEW: OWN’s Lindsay Docuseries is Seriously Compelling Television

OWN's Lindsay docuseries is seriously compelling tv
OWN’s Lindsay docuseries is seriously compelling TV
OWN’s new docuseries Lindsay debuted tonight to very high expectations for the hit network. Gritty and real, this isn’t ‘Real Housewives‘ style reality television. This is an honest look into the life of a young girl returning home to New York after her latest stint in rehab. It just so happens that the young girl is Lindsay Lohan.

Lohan, only 27 years old, has been in the media eye for most of her life. First for her acting and music career. Later, for her legal and addiction troubles. Multiple DUI’s, jail time,  multiple court appearances, and multiple aborted entertainment projects later, Lohan entered rehab once again. This time, Oprah was waiting for her on the other end for Oprah’s Next Chapter. The two had a frank (& heavily watched) talk about Lohan’s legal and drug problems. More importantly, Mother O was ready to help. Oprah extended an opportunity for Lohan that no one else could do. A chance at a new start for Lohan – who seemed too unstable for Hollywood projects. Oprah offered her a docuseries chronicling her journey from rehab to continued sobriety. That series, Lindsay, aired tonight on OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network.

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OWN’s Lindsay Docuseries is Seriously Compelling Television (cntd)…

Lindsay is an 8 part docuseries following Lohan as she leaves her partying past in Los Angeles and travels back to New York City to be closer to her family. The series premiere, titled “Part One“, begins with that much watched Oprah interview before following Lindsay to New York to find a place to live. Almost immediately, the paparazzi is once again following her. At one point, there is talk of the paparazzi actually following her into a sobriety meeting. This is the world that Lohan lives in.

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We see Lohan struggle to readjust to her life, wanting to get back to working but not wanting to risk her sobriety. We see a director “friend” seemingly take advantage of her, which unsurprisingly upsets her, while simultaneously making her look bad. This is a girl longing for stability.

Lindsay is seriously compelling television. Lohan has allowed the filmmakers into every facet of her life and she holds nothing back. She is well aware, as are those closest to her, that this is her final chance to prove that she can do this. This is her final chance to prove to the world and to herself that she can be a better version of herself. There will always be naysayers and this is her chance to prove them wrong.

Oprah famously said “I want you to win!” Lindsay, we do too!

Lindsay airs Sunday nights at 10pm eastern on OWN.

Check out some of Lindsay Lohan’s incredible talent:

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