Oprah’s OWN A Ratings Hit!

Well, it’s not like we expected anything less. The ratings for Oprah’s OWN have come in and they are stellar! During hour one of day one, the network grabbed 700,000 viewers, which is a 550% higher number than a month ago, when the channel was Discovery Health.  In Prime time the network did even better. Season 25: Oprah Behind The Scenes, which aired at 9pm, had a bit over 1 million viewers, a 500% increase from the month prior. OWN was the 3rd most watched cable network on Saturday night behind ESPN and USA. Pretty amazing for Day 1. Sounds like Discovery made a wise decision partnering with Oprah, as their Discovery Health (which OWN replaced) was averaging just 150,000 viewers.

Are YOU watching OWN?

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