Oprah tells Lindsay Lohan “Cut The Bullsh*t”

Oprah tells Lindsay Lohan “Cut The Bullsh*t” on ‘Lindsay’

Lindsay Lohan docuseries “Lindsay” starts March 9 on OWN

We all know that Oprah Mother O sat down with Lindsay Lohan immediately after she came out from rehab for a frank talk on Oprah’s Next Chapter. Oprah ordered an eight episode docuseries on OWN titled: Lindsay, which was set to chronicle her continued road on sobriety while acting as a brand new start (& image) for her career.

A 2 minute trailer for Lindsay has now been released and it seems things went off the path, as Lindsay may very well have began drinking again. The big guns are called in, meaning Oprah herself, to confront Lindsay. Mother O won’t have anyone playing her and appropriately tells her to “Cut the bullshit”.

Check out the trailer for Lindsay, the fascinating docuseries airing on OWN starting March 9, 2014.

Official: First Look at Lindsay
Don’t miss your chance to watch an extended sneak peek of Lindsay, OWN’s highly anticipated docuseries. Get a first glimpse of actress Lindsay Lohan as she returns to New York City and reunites with friends and family. As Lindsay works to stay on track amid the demands (and pitfalls) of fame, she opens up as never before.

This exclusive first look will be available through Thursday, March 6, at 9:35 p.m. ET.

The series premiere of Lindsay airs Sunday, March 9, at 10/9c only on OWN.

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