Olympics Star Caught In Racy Pic Scandal

People is reporting that 22 year old Olympian Scotty Lago is leaving the Vancouver Olympic events after a photo controversy. The photos show an unnamed woman kissing & biting the Bronze Medal Lago won in the men’s half pipe snowboarding events Wednesday. Sources are saying it was a stranger he met out on the street Thursday night.  Fortunately, officials aren’t taking any action against him. PopWhore thinks that the guy just won a freakin medal in the Olympics & we should give the guy a break! Let’s hope that he’ll at least get happy ending!

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3 thoughts on “Olympics Star Caught In Racy Pic Scandal

  1. They give out 100k condoms in the Olympic Village. A bunch of hot, athletic 18-25 year olds are going to go a little nuts when their races are over. I can't believe this kid is getting shit for this!

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