No, Apple CEO Tim Cook Wasn’t Outed on CNBC

No, Apple CEO Tim Cook Wasn’t Outed on CNBC

No, Apple CEO Tim Cook Wasn't Outed on CNBC - He's Been Out
No, Apple CEO Tim Cook Wasn’t Outed on CNBC

Currently trending on Facebook and Twitter is “Tim Cook“. The articles are fast and furious that the Apple CEO was accidentally outed as gay by bumbling idiots on CNBC.  The only problem is, he hasn’t been in the closet for decades.

Take this article from ValleyWag back in December of 2013 where Cook speaks about his own discrimination as a homosexual. It seems that they keynote speaker at a prestigious University discussing human rights and his own discrimination as a homosexual, isn’t in the freakin’ closet.

Or the fact that he made the #1 spot in Out Magazine’s 2013 Power List (and 2012 and 2012) should have been a clue to the panel at CNBC that Tim Cook is a homosexual.

The bigger issue is: who cares? The CEO of the most valuable company in the world – a company that defines trends and pushes technology forward – is a homosexual. How many f*cks given? Not a one here. In fact, anybody that does care needs to get their head checked.

Congratulations to Tim Cook for being a shining example to people everywhere in showing that – not only can someone who happens to be attracted to members of the same sex head on one of the most powerful companies in the world, but has spoken so little of his own personal life that there are millions of people who didn’t know. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter to anyone but Mr. Cook and his partner.

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If you want to watch the awkwardness, watch the video below.

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