News On The Next X-Men Film

Fox is planning to go ahead with X-Men: First Class as the next installment of it’s X-Men franchise. Bryan Singer, the visionary behind X-Men & X2, created a treatment which Fox is excited about. Due to another film commitment, Singer will be relinquishing the director role he had for the first two films, but will be producing “First Class”. Bret Ratner, who produced the character killing, universe destroying, abortion of a film that was X-Men: The Last Stand, will not be involved in any capacity. “First Class” will serve as a prequel to the original trilogy, and focus on the relationship between Xavier & Magneto, while introducing us to the first band of X-Men. With the script already done, expect shooting to begin in the Fall, with a late 2011 release.

The Whore LOVES the X-Men, but isn’t exactly sold on this yet. What do YOU think?

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