New Spiderman To Be 18? Really?

It’s already well known that the Spiderman franchise we know is over. Sony’s plan is to reboot the franchise and bring our favorite web-slinger back to high school – an awful idea. Although it hasn’t even been 9 years since the first one, the disastrous response to Spiderman 3 (with it’s multiple villians, multiple storylines, wooden acting & emo singing/dancing Peter Parker) has spurred them to reboot. Sounds ok so far….right? Well here’s where it goes even more wrong – Sony is in talks to bring Percy Jackson’s Logan Lerman to the iconic title role. He’s 18. We’re not quite sure why Sony is so obsessed with bringing Spidey back to high school, but it sounds awful – which is probably why legendary director Sam Raimi has bowed out. The film already has a release date of May 2012, which is even more reason to worry.

The Whore thinks this whole thing wreaks of money grubbing foolishness. The third film was a horrible piece of film making yes, but just learn from your mistakes and move on to the fourth. Sony was so insistent about putting Venom all over the third film, that they forgot to let the TALENT do the film making. Tell us YOUR thoughts in the comments.

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