New Apple TV To Be Announced In April?

New Apple TV To Be Announced In April?

Will a new Apple TV be announced in April?
New Apple TV to be Announced in April?
If you don’t yet have one, you NEED to purchase an Apple TV right this very second. In fact, you can get an Apple TV right now from Amazon. The device will change your life. You can stream all of your digital copies from your Blu-Ray or DVD combo packs right from iCloud to your TV in 1080 High Definition. You can rent movies and TV shows from iTunes, or watch the ones you’ve purchased. You can watch your home videos – or any video file that you have in iTunes – right on your TV. You can also stream most anything from your iPad or iPhone to your television. This stuff is magical!

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple plans to announce a revamped version of the Apple TV in April. It seems that it may come with it’s own App Store, a redesigned user interface and a dearth of new content:

“Apple’s latest approach is far less ambitious. Instead of asking for full current seasons of shows, it is asking programmers for just the most recent five episodes of current-season shows—the standard for video-on-demand services in the TV industry, a person familiar with the matter said. Apple is also proposing to disable fast-forwarding on shows for three days after they air, which would protect TV channels.”
Expect Apple to announce the revamped Apple TV in April.

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