Movie Theater Prices To Increase

After the success of such 3D movies as Avatar, Alice In Wonderland & Coraline, movie theaters have raised their prices this weekend. 3D movies will see an average of a 25% increase in price, while 2D movies will average a 5% increase. With box office business up 9% over last years record year, is now the time to raise prices?

The Whore thinks that the $15 he now pays for a 3D movie is a little pricey. Wait a few months, and own the movie forever on Blu-Ray or DVD for almost the same price. I’ll now be thinking twice about seeing a 3D movie.

Will the 25% increase for a 3D movie effect your movie going habits?
Hell no! It’s the price you pay for new technology
I’ll have to really think if I want to pay extra to see a particular movie.
Yes, movies are expensive as it is. free polls

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