Mike Posner’s 31 Minutes To Takeoff Is Brilliant!

Mike Posner could quite possibly be the most brilliant pop artist to come out since Lady Gaga – & he deserves to be just as huge. While often pinned as a hip hop artist, Posner is anything but. Firmly placed in electronic music, often using live instruments, Posner is that rare eclectic artist that is able to fuse genres together seamlessly – but he never once raps. His voice is as unique as his sound. Vocally, it could be said he’s rougher version of Justin Timberlake, minus the vocal tricks. Musically, he bounces from electronic dance to a thumping club track to a fully live band and back again. Posner’s lyrical abilities are nothing short of amazing. Clever, introspective and raw, he never holds back from what he wants to say. After signing with J Records while enrolled at Duke University, Posner began recording the album while finishing out his double major. From those recordings comes his major label debut “31 Minutes To Takeoff”. The albums is one of the most instantly addicting albums I’ve heard in quite some time. It’s easy to over look the catchy songs and driving beats and not see the depth that’s contained within the lyrics of these twelve tracks – but do yourself a favor and listen. This is one album you don’t want to miss. And this is one artist that deserves to be huge.

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Mike Posner
“31 Minutes To Takeoff” Track By Track Review

1. 31 Minutes To Takeoff – A short intro. “Do you recall I told you, this was just a matter of time?” This is the very first line of the first song on his first major release. This intro song gives a clear indication of what kind of journey this record will take us on. Buckle in!

2. Please Don’t Go –  A very low-key dance club song, “Please Don’t Go” is someone pleading to their lover to stay. Soaring vocals on the hooks in the chorus really shoot this song into the stratosphere. An excellent way to kick off the record.

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3. Bow Chika Bow Wow – Slowing it up a bit on the second song, Posner tries to convince a girl to have a little fun with him after hours. This track is very strong instrumentally, literally relying on an electric guitar lick for the end of the chorus. This is one the ladies will love & the guys will be trying to play it for them.

4. Cooler Than Me – Posners break out single has been almost inescapable this summer, and it deserves it. This track is absolutely brilliant. With an arpeggiated throbbing bassline, and a driving beat this makes you want to dance. The lyrics are pure genius and Posners delivery couldn’t be better. From the track to the lyrics to the background vocals, this is by far one of the best (& smartest) singles to come out in quite some time.

5. Deja Vu – Posner talks about reconnecting with a former lover. With Boyz II Men providing background vocals, you can imagine the sound of this song. A very slick update of smooth R&B with some electronic elements thrown in.

6. Do U Wanna? – A very choppy beat drives this song about trying to sweep a girl into the sheets. The chorus explodes with a 60’s Motown sound and takes you along for the ride.

7. Cheated – “I should have cheated on you” carries the chorus and the song on this track about, well, cheating.  Posner directs this song squarely at the one who broke his heart by cheating on him. In fact, Posner puts her full name right out there, in case there were any females were wondering if it were about them. This slinky, dance song is pure pop perfection.

8. Gone In September – This song is a guitar strumming pop rock song about leaving a girl behind after he graduates college. Posner realizes he’s a guy through and through after using a girl and telling her what he wants to hear, knowing he won’t be around.

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9. Save Your Goodbye – This tracks starts out sparse and slowly builds to the choruses with a dance oriented track, before swelling up in the choruses. Posner speaks about a lover that continues to haunt him, even after the relationship. This track could have been on Justin Timberlake’s FutureSex / LoveSounds album.

10. Synthesizer – A very contemplative song that seems to be Posner speaking to himself about a future of fame, money and changing the world – and not forgetting where you came from and those that love you. A very raw and emotional song.

11. Delta 1406 – A slow, sparse, atmospheric song that seems to be another song based on self reflection. Almost stream of consciousness, this seems to be Posner at his most emotionally bare, truly exposing himself to the person he is.  This isn’t something that you’ll ever hear on the radio, but that’s not why this was written.

12. Falling – The final track on the album picks up the pace, but not by much. This song is directly aimed at the girl that broke his heart. A great way to end the album. “Drive your high heel into my heart…I don’t even care.”


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