Martha Stewart’s Reddit “Ask Me Anything” Nothing Short Of Amazing

Martha Stewart did a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) & Proved Why She’s A Badass

Martha Stewart did a Reddit AMA / Ask Me Anything
Martha Stewart did a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) & it was glorious!

There is but one domestic goddess and that is Martha M.F-ing Stewart. Martha proved just how much of a baddass she is – and just how amazingly cool- when she participated in Reddit’s notorious “Ask Me Anything” aka AMA. If you didn’t join in, you literally missed a moment in pop culture history.

Aliebert2 asked Martha Stewart: Do you have any good sex tips?
Martha: Always take a bath before and after.

When RoswellSpaceman replied “Do it DURING a bath. Kills two birds with one stone.” Martha one upped him with: “That’s good too, and don’t forget to brush your teeth“.


Hit the jump for Martha’s thoughts on Prison food, Dildo’s and more amazing-ness from Martha Stewart’s AMA

Martha Stewart’s Reddit AMA Nothing Short Of Amazing (cntd)…

On Prison Nicknames
Mizary1: Hi Martha, Did you have a prison nickname? If not what nickname would you have chosen for yourself.
Martha: I think I did, but I can’t remember. I don’t think about the past.
Greencopen: “M. Diddy”.

On Dildos
Joliekerr: ….Thank you SO much for…having such great humor about my book “My Boyfriend Barfed In My Handbag…And Other Things You Can’t Ask Martha”….How do you clean a steel riveted leather harness used for a strap-on dildo?
Martha: What’s a dildo?
Redd1tsm0stwanted: It’s a good thing.
wheredapartyat: I love that this is actually happening.
Joliekerr: …Thanks for being such a good sport about a fellow Barnard alumna carrying your homemaking advice tradition on!
Martha: Congratulations on the success of your book. When I get my first dildo I’ll look up some information.
xoda000: I can’t process what just happened.
Throwawaymyheart-1: Really? Jesus Christ, Reddit, this is why we can’t have nice things.

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On Prison Food
Shootzilla: I know it’s a bit of a touchy subject, but what was your favorite prison food? No disrespect, I honestly am curious about this.
Martha: There was nothing remarkable about the food at all. 
crestonfunk: I love you for not dodging these questions.

On Friends Ugly Houses
violue: Have you ever pissed off a friend by giving them unsolicited decorating advice while visiting their home? 
Martha: I learned many years ago never to criticize, only compliment. Even if their home is horrifyingly awful. 

Proving Just How Cool She Is
iwannabeastar: My daughter adores you. Proof: she dressed up as you from your Halloween cover for Halloween! (picture) She wants to know: how does one get an internship at MSL? Thanks!

Martha: Oh how cute! Send in your resume with the picture!

On Modeling
ProChefSean: Is it true you used to be a model…if so why did you give up your modeling career???
Martha: Yes, indeed. I’ve modeled from the time I was 13, and I don’t think I’ve given it up. I pose for pictures every day!
thatblacksamurai: damn shawty, put those pictures in your next cookbook cause i’m tryna eat that on the low.
glitch_bounce: he just said that…to Martha Stewart…Martha Fucking Stewart...
thatblacksamurai: you’ve got to aim high man. Martha stewart is prime wifey material. For starters, she’s probably done more time than your favourite rapper, so you KNOW that basic bitches ain’t tryna fuck with you for fear of M-Steez going orange is the new black on their bitchasses; she’ll shank a bitch with a knitting needle and make you a bloodstained durag or scarf or whatever

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then, she’ll cook you food you can’t pronounce just for the hell of it, you can ask your girl to make you a struggle sandwich all you want, but i’m out here munching on azerbaijani-influnced hors d’oeuvres and diamond studded cookies

this all goes without mentioning that she can tap into that older woman bedroom energy; it’s like a spirit bomb for post menopausal women, which means that you’re gonna be taken care of every night— shit, it’s so good you’ll need approximately 6 business days to recover so maybe not.

if you disagree go argue with someone else, #teammarthaforlife”

Yes, folks, Martha Stewart is a BOSS and we love her for it!

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