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Man of Steel Review

Man of Steel review by Pop Culture Whore

Marvel has created a master class in creating a film universe for their comic book characters. Besides Batman, it didn’t seem that DC Comics was able to follow in those footsteps of creating great movies.  Then, Christopher Nolan, the genius behind The Dark Knight trilogy began producing the reboot of the Superman franchise. He chose Zack Snyder as the director with an excellent script by David S Goyer.  The outcome was Man of Steel.

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Man of Steel is a reboot of the cinematic Superman franchise. Gone are the bright blues and reds and yellows that made Superman seem like the Boy Scout down the street. This film is a much more gritty take on the mythos and it pays off in spades.

The film starts out on an unstable Krypton, as Jor-El (Russell Crowe) and his wife become the first couple in decades to have a child naturally. This angers General Zod, who believes that Kryptonians should have children the way the Government has set up to do so.  Knowing the planets demise is imminent, Jor-El sends his son to Earth, with the DNA of all Kryptonians embedded in him to allow the race to go on. 

As we know, his son is raised by Ma & Pa Kent in Kansas and told to hide his powers out of fear of not belonging. Eventually, Zod comes back to find him in order to make Earth the new Krypton.

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What makes Man of Steel so amazing is that, like The Dark Knight Trilogy, it is as based in reality – as much as conceivable. You can empathize and see the humanity in the Man of Steel – much more so then the super baby fiasco from that abortion of a film, Superman Returns. We live in a dark, sometimes evil world – Man of Steel reflects that. Lois Lane, played by Amy Adams, is also reinvented as a 21st century independent woman. She’s not relegated to being just a piece of good looking girl for Superman to save. She is a full fledged woman. This is the most refreshing take on the character I’ve ever seen.

Man of Steel is the first serious take on the character in the cinematic world. And in that world, it perfectly sets up a crossover film with Batman (tentatively titled Batman Vs Superman) as well as the basis for a full DC Cinematic Universe. This dose of reality means that this is the first Superman film that I can honestly say I love.

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