Madonna Makes History As Tours Gross 1 Billion

Madonna Makes History As Tours Gross 1 Billion

Madonna Makes History As Tours Gross $1 Billion
Madonna performs during the premiere of her Rebel Heart tour Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2015 in Montreal. (Ryan Remiorz/The Canadian Press via AP)

 Queen of Pop Madonna makes history again, as tours gross $1 Billion; Only Female Artist on the list; Highest grossing solo artist.

Madonna, the top selling solo artist of all time, has proven once again that she’s not just limited to dominating the music charts. She already holds the record for the most successful tour ever by a solo act for her 2008 Sticky and Sweet Tour, which grossed a whopping $408 million (She also holds the #2 spot on that very same chart).  Her current tour, The Rebel Heart Tour, takes her to a whole new level of achievement as it takes her to the billionaire’s touring club.

Based on January’s box office receipts, the Queen of Pop performed for over 150,000 fans through just 12 concerts adding $19.3 million to The Rebel Heart Tour’s overall gross of nearly $110 million in just 61 shows. By the time the 80 show tour is done, it will have grossed about $130 million, once again giving Madonna the most successful tour of the year.

Madonna becomes the only female artist in the short list of artists who have grossed $1 billion or more in ticket sales. She is also the highest grossing solo artists.

Artists With $1 Billion In Tour Ticket Sales

Rolling Stones – $1.8 Billion (621 shows)
U2 – $1.6 Billion (508 shows)

Madonna – $1.24 Billion (as of January 2016)  (419 shows)

Bruce Springsteen – $1.23 Billion (1,273 shows)
Elton John – $1.05 Billion (1,103 shows)
Bon Jovi – $1.03 Billion (843 shows)


Even more amazingly, since the early 90’s when Billboard began tracking this information, Madonna has only done 419 shows, the lowest amount of shows on the entire list. Comparatively, Rolling Stones have grossed just $600,000 more than Madonna, yet have done more than 200 shows more than she has. By the time The Rebel Heart Tour winds down it’s 80 shows, Madonna could move to second place.

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