Lee DeWyze Has Worst Selling Idol Album EVER!

We Pop Culture Whores are so used to American Idol (& it’s related properties) breaking records, that it’s just old hat to us now. Lee DeWyze has broken a record that he probably isn’t happy about breaking. His debut album, “Live It Up” debuted at #19 on this weeks Billboard chart with only 39,000 copies sold. You read that right: 39,000. Not only is this the lowest selling debut week for an Idol winner, it’s the lowest selling debut week for an Idol runner up! The prior lowest selling debut Idol was Kris Allen’s self titled debut last year, which sold 80,000 copies in its first week. The lowest selling debut week for an Idol runner up was Diana DeGarmo’s debut in 2004 which sold 47,000 in its first week.

This just goes to show what a lackluster season American Idol 2010 was & how much just about everyone in the finals sucked. It also goes to show, as does Adam Lambert’s wildly successful debut (also see: Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson) that America often gets it wrong in choosing their American Idol.

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