Lady Gaga Gets Vomited On During Show…Willingly

Lady Gaga Gets Vomited on During SXSW Show…Willingly

Photo by Kevin Mazur; Lady Gaga gets thrown up on
Lady Gaga vomited on during SXSW; Photo by Kevin Mazur

UMMMM….EW! Lady Gaga performed at South By Southwest 2014 last night and willingly let someone vomit on her during the middle of her show. Self proclaimed “vomit painter” named Millie Brown was invited by Gaga to come up during her song “Swine“, where she drank a bright green liquid, put a finger down her throat and vomited on Gaga.

We love and have always supported Gaga but this is way too much for us. There’s a video of the “performance” that you can watch via TMZ, but we can’t look at it.

What do you think? Has Gaga gone too far? Tell us in the comments!

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